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11 benefits of Social Media for your business

11 Benefits of Social Media for your business

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In today’s world the need to market your business on social media is growing by the day. But what does it mean and why are we doing it?

15 years ago you would place your ad in the paper or on a notice board in the street or in a store. With any luck someone would see it and decide to use your company. How much would that ad cost and how sure are you that people saw it?

How many clients would you get from that ad? How did you convince new clients to use your business instead of the one next door? How did you prove to your clients that your company was worth using and that your existing clients are happy?

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Social Media for Business - what the statistics show

If you placed that same ad on Facebook today, 2.375 billion users can potentially see your ad depending on your audience and geographic location. Add Instagram to the mix and increase your impressions by 1 billion users.


Statistics show that the number of internet users has increased incredibly since 2000 and it just keeps going. In 2019 a survey showed that about 42% of the population world wide uses social media and spends about 2 hours on social media and messaging - per day.


When it comes to clients, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. Every day more and more people are joining the online community to find and research companies and products. Clients use social media to gauge if they would want to use this company or product and compare it with the different offers available.


The statistics also show that 71% of consumers will recommend a company to friends and family if they have a positive experience with a business.

Why use social media for business

So why should you use social media for your business?


Using social media doesn’t only include posting your products and services online. Companies use social media to manage their online presence and provide their audience with the best client service. Replying to comments, mentions and messages regularly ensures that you are always visible, and it shows that you care about your clients.


Social media is an excellent way to keep in touch with clients at all times of the day. Your clients can connect with your business from their beds, couches or even the bus on the way home!

How businesses use social media for marketing

Businesses use social media in many ways, including:

  • Marketing their business - businesses use social media to announce and promote products and services.
  • Communicate with their clients – they use social media to communicate with clients. Promoting sales and new products or changes on products.  Businesses can also communicate regarding new technologies and how it will improve the lives of their clients.
  • Monitor their target market – monitoring their target market to see what the current and upcoming trends are. Businesses can find out where to focus their marketing and use the information to predict what to do next.
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11 positive effects of social media for businesses

Here are 11 ways to use social media to positively impact your business and sales.

  1. With social media you can increase brand exposure and brand awareness. Social media extends your brand’s reach without costing you excessive amounts of money.
  2. Building leads becomes much easier with social media. By publishing content about your brand or target audience attracts new clients who are interested in your brand or service.
  3. Using social media, you can monitor (and keep an edge) on your competition. Use social media to target your competition’s clients and fans. Use your social media to let them know how you can offer a better product or service.
  4. Social media is more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising. For less money you can reach more people.
  5. Use your social media to humanize your company.  People trust businesses more when they can see real world results. So, posting your products or projects on social media will give potential new clients a look at your human side.
  6. Social media can be used for brand awareness. A lot of social media users log into their accounts at least once a day. By posting regularly your clients will see your brand regularly.
  7. Use social media to establish your brand as a thought leader.  Show clients that you are the go-to for information on your related niche.
  8. Use social media to monitor your target market. See what is trending and where to market the products in your niche.
  9. Social media is a good way to start a conversation around your business or brand. By posting a congratulations to the manufacturers of one of your new products you will generate feedback on the products.
  10. Tell your brand’s story using social media. By posting about the events your business is involved with you can improve your public image.
  11. Social media can be used to build your client loyalty. Clients follow and interact with brands and businesses they enjoy. An interesting fact is that 53% of clients that follow your business on social media are loyal to your brand.
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Social media marketing packages for businesses

Businesses can choose from a number of social media packages form a variety of companies.

Choosing the correct company to handle your social media is important. Fish Bowl offers effective social media packages to suite every budget.


We help businesses start and maintain their online presence with Facebook and Instagram pages. We can increase your following, with actual organic followers.


Our packages include from Weekly Facebook posts to Monthly Facebook and Instagram campaigns to boost your brand.

Our Super Brand Boost Includes:

  • 2 x Ad design
  • 1 x Paid Boost Ad
  • Strategically targeting your audience and area directly.
  • 2 x Facebook and Instagram Ad designs
  • Strategically designed distribution of ads included with this campaign.
  • 800 - 1000+ New followers per month. *(Real and organic, that is specific to your target market and industry/niche.)
  • Increase in engagement levels of 10-30%. *(Real likes and comments based on your industry or niche.)
  • Geo-Location targeting. (By radius, city, country or area.)
  • Reach the top explore section with your posts.
  • 10-30% increase in profile and story views.
Fish Bowl Super Brand Boost package
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