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Durbanville, South Africa (Planet Earth)

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   HOURS:5 Days a week from 9-00 am to 4-00 pm

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The Launcher

  • 20 Keywords
  • 1 Google ad group - Including 3 ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Technical SEO support
  • Manual directory building
  • Basic content auditing
  • Link building
  • Keyword Research
  • Local listing optimization
  • Copy writing
  • Monthly reports


What is the launcher?

This is a combination of two products put together to guarantee results right from the start. This will also allow you to see the ROI with in 6 months downthe line. PPC (Google ad words) and advanced SEO packed into one perfectly planned product - THE LAUNCHER.....


First, we understand your brand and your marketing goals and devise SEO strategies that align with it. The experts at our SEO agency then perform comprehensive website audit, do competitor analysis and backlink monitoring. Thereafter, you receive inputs and recommendation in an understandable format which clearly defines the SEO needs and expectation. Our professional SEO team consistently works to improve the website search ranking and traffic that increases customer reach and maximize organic revenue. We offer one of the best customized SEO Services in South-Africa as per your business need.


Content is an integral part of any SEO company’s strategy and consistent effort and time is invested to achieve success. We spot opportunities for content optimization by doing extensive keyword research and analysis and optimize the On-page content. This enables us to maximize the possibility of your online content appearing in search related queries thus attracting more customers. In order to achieve this, right keywords and related words are used in content in such a way that it meets the searcher’s query online leading them to your website.


Wouldn’t you want to know how your company is performing as against the set benchmarks or competitors in your industry? What are they doing differently that gives them the edge? We provide you local SEO services with a thorough analysis of backlinks, content, keywords and strategies used on competitor’s website. SWOT analysis is conducted by us to identify the scope of improvement which is followed by strategic planning and implementation to boost your website’s performance to the maximum and outsmart competitors.


Our specialized technical optimization process and best practices ensure that your website’s Click Through Rate (CTR) is improved remarkably and maintained organically. We understand that performance is of prime importance to you, who prefer a functional, interactive and attractive website. Our SEO and UX practices strike the right balance thus providing the best experience to users. Our clients both in South-Africa and abroad count on us for making search engine and user-friendly websites and it is one of our many strengths. This makes us one of the best SEO company in South-Africa. If you are looking for best SEO company in India, choose Fish Bowl.