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Social Media Marketing

Basic terms for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing also seen as SMM is internet marketing or online marketing. It uses the benefits of social networking sites such as facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc. as tools to promote company websites. In turn, this increases traffic towards the company websites and learn from users’ direct reactions.

SMM works best when a website (and the social media pages connected to it) has more traffic. As the traffic increases, the website’s position on the search engine will rise and land within the first few results of the first page. Keeping in mind that when people search the internet: 9/10 only look on the first page, and 7/10 will only click on the first three results, it is clear that positioning your website on the first page is essential when optimizing a website.

Where is Social Media Marketing used?

The goal of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is to increase brand visibility, reach more (potential) clients and communicate with clients. SMM is: Creating quality content that users share with friends and family on social networks.


Obtaining direct feedback from users (or potential clients) is the goal with doing Social Media Marketing. This makes companies appear human-like. Interactive social networks or pages enables clients to be heard, either by asking questions or by reviews.


How would you use Social Media Marketing?

The improvement of a company's image on social networks is called Social Media Optimization (SMO) and SMM functions on this principle. Like Search Engen Optimization (SEO), SMO attracts new visitors and potential clients to a specific website. Search engines love social networks because people use social media to share thinks and links. By sharing links social media users are participating in building a network of links.


How to run an Active Social Media Marketing promotion.

Posting content with links from your website pages on your social media networks is known as Active promotion. SMM can be done or used on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkeIn. Terms of use on each social network is different for companies and personal users. Companies gets the option of launching paid ad campaigns to reach bigger audiences. This improvers traffic to the website or web page.


How to run a Passive Social Media Marketing promotion.

Posting images, articles, tweets and blogs, updateng statuses and other activities on social media pages is known as passive Social Media Promotion. Using this, companies can analyze client reactions to improve brand experience, resolve dissatisfaction and solve problems. Information is gatherd in real time and this is usefull because it speeds up the comunication process.